About us

Taylormade Fasteners are a small to medium sized family-owned company, based in the UK. TFL was founded in the Year 2000 by Andy Taylor – Forge Master and Paul Adshead – Engineer Extraordinaire. Over the past 19 years TFL have gained reputation for high quality, response time and going further for the customer.

Our Team

We understand the world of fasteners can be technically overwhelming so team TFL have been hand-picked to ensure you receive the best possible customer service. Our friendly, personal and dedicated professionals have a passion for all things engineering. This is backed up with a combined skill set of over 200 years of manufacturing experience.

Special Fasteners

We are an ISO 9001-2015 accredited UK manufacturer of Non-Standard Fasteners. We produce bespoke Bolts and Nuts to customer specifications in material sourced from European Mills. Special Fasteners in critical alloys, small to large sized diameters and lengths are our forte.

We offer any head to shank combination and all bespoke bolting is accompanied with BSEN10204-3.1 Certification with full traceability. Taylormade were initially established as a local Hot Forging subcontractor to the special fastener industry.

Over the years we have increased our capacity by introducing a state of the art CNC machining section and a new 400 tonne Hot Forging press. Because of this, we have gone on to incorporate a new quality system to ensure production runs efficiently and to schedule. On top of offering our sub-contract services we now work with world renowned companies offering rapid prototyping. We are also able to reverse engineer parts and offer design advice along the way.

Hot Forging

Hot Forging is a manufacturing process involving the displacement of material using localized compressive forces, and we can proudly say our bolts are Hot Forged on site. This process has less wastage of material resulting in higher dynamic strength, so this means that we can offer cheaper prices and reduced lead times.

Hot Forging fasteners tends to be our preferred method of manufacturing and is what sets us apart from the competition. Since the arrival of the new 400t Forging press, we now have capacity to forge from M6 through to M100.

Bar Turning

Bar Turning is a manufacturing process involving the cutting and removal of material to complex shapes and thread forms. This utilises various rotating machinery such as CNC Lathes, Capstans, Machining Centres, tools and dies.

Our CNC section is great for prototypes and small to large batch quantity’s. We are able to manufacture complete fasteners to technical drawings that can only be achievable through this manufacturing process.

Some of our new machines include:

Our Bar Turning size capacity ranges from M1 to M200!

Machined Components

Over the past 20 years, requirements for machined components has increased dramatically on our shop floor. Our team have the skill set and facilities to allow us to make some of the most precision engineered components and quality turned parts. Super Duplex, Titanium, Inconel and Waspaloy are just some of the materials we machine in the form of prototype, components and assemblies.

This can be for a range of industries including Oil & Gas, Marine, Defence, Renewables and Aerospace.

Social Media

Taylormade Fasteners run a range of social media pages showing our capabilities. We are not afraid to show what we know and how we make what we do. We use: