Monthly Archive March 23, 2020

ByJordan Monte

Coronavirus Disease 2019

During the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, Taylormade Fasteners will continue to operate throughout by implementing a set of policies onsite. This can be found on our Downloads page.

In short (TL;DR) :

  • We will be providing staff with gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer stations throughout the building.
  • No external personnel are allowed onsite – please ring the doorbell in reception and await instruction.
  • The implementation of a one way system into and out of the factory to maintain social distancing throughout the building.
  • We will be creating bubbles with our staff, preventing the movement of personnel from moving from their machines to other machine sections throughout the factory, to mitigate the risk of outbreak as well as keeping social distancing a high priority.

Taylormade Fasteners will provide the same outstanding quality that we always have as well as aiming to keep delivery dates to their promised times as best we can (external sources eg: material, heat treatment and plating are out of our control) and alert you (the customer) of any issues that may arise during production in fair time to help keep delays to a minimum.