Monthly Archive December 18, 2018

ByJordan Monte

Star Micronics SR32-JII Type B

The purchase of our new Star Micronics SR32-JII Type B is following in line with our investment plan, which includes our new HAAS machines.

The addition of our 8 axis (across two-head) machine allows us to produce much larger quantities in a much quicker time frame, straight from bar material.

This machines quality is second to none, and allows us to manufacture sizes as small as M2 through M20 with close to complete automation.

ByJordan Monte

Haas ST-15 and Haas VF-2

After another successful year, Taylormade Fasteners Limited is investing into the future.

We have increased CNC capacity: Haas ST-15 and Haas VF-2.

The investment of our new ST-15 allows us to increase capacity that would have previously been routed to our ST-15. This allows us to move forward with quality and workload, while reducing our lead times on jobs.

Our new HAAS VF-2 allows us to move into a new realm of machined parts that we would have previously been unable to do. It has allowed us to expand far past fasteners alone, and into the hands of machined components – see our portfolio of work for images of vertical machined components manufactured on this machine.